"Everything in Nature is a part of us as we are a part of everything in Nature."

   Empowered by a life-long love of and respect for our natural world, Mark has been photographing distinct images of wildlife, landscapes and nature for over 24 years. His approach to photography is founded upon an intimate, yet practical, understanding of the natural world and photographic technology which helps him to convey his personal vision of the beauty and wonder he finds in nature.

    Mark works mainly in 35mm and 35mm panoramic formats. His approach to photography is highly creative and he enjoys shooting a wide range of subjects, from close-up abstracts to panoramic landscapes.

   Whether photographing a stunning landscape or the intimacy of a spider's web, Mark strives to capture the spirit of place that dwells within the scene.  His most successful images are those that initiate a response of admiration for nature and environmental awareness by the viewer.

   As an assignment photographer, Mark's recent work has been natural history documentation of efforts to preserve and restore fragile eco-systems such as old growth forests and prairies. He has worked on projects for Audubon, The Nature Conservancy, The Minnesota Zoological Society and the Scientific and Natural Areas Program for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

   Mark has also been teaching nature photography workshops for a number of years. He enjoys sharing the experience of the natural world with others and teaching then how to create their own vision and then capture it on film.

   With the advances in digital technology, Mark has become fluent in digital imaging and the "digital darkroom", including designing and building www.wildlightnaturephotography.com. He uses digital technology to produce fine art prints sold for display in homes and businesses. His work is also designed to provide stock buyers and art directors with sharp, colorful and distinctive images for use in a wide range of applications including editorial uses, advertising, field guides, calendars and notecards.






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