PART  I:         THE INNER ARTIST  -  Awareness, Visualization, and Creativity   

                                Hardware vs. the Inner Artist

                                We are Creatures of Vision

                                Awareness and How We Visualize

                                How We Respond To Images

                                    Eye Movement Responding to Space

                                    Image Perception Responding to Content

                                Seeing and Perspective

                                Barriers to Awareness and Visualization

                                From Vision to Image - The Photographic Process

                                Creating an Inner Vision Your Inner Artist at Work

                                Breaking the Visualization Barriers

                                Developing the Creative Process

Part  II:                 DESIGNING IMAGES Giving Form To Creativity

                                The Art of the Design

Elements of Composition The Building Blocks of Image Design


    Determining the Essence of a Scene

    Understanding Visual Relationships

    Creating an Inventory List

                    Visual Chaos

                    Eliminating Visual Chaos

Composition Putting It All Together

                    Visual Space / Creating a Frame of Reference

                    Determining Perspective / Selecting a Point of View

What, Where, How

                    Taking Inventory (Visualized Image vs. Camera Creation)

                    Abstracting To Understand

                                Filling Space

                                    Rule of Thirds

                                    Breaking the Rule

                                Visual Movement and Use of Space

                                    Lens Effects Render Space in a Different Way

    Controlling Visual Movement

                                     Designing For Eye Movement

                                    Visual Weight


                                Creating the Perception of Depth

Designing With Light

                                Designing With Time


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