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"The most important tools required to create visually stunning images

are the human eye, the human brain, and the human heart."


         Inspiration, Imagination, Stimulation, these three words are at the core of my teaching philosophy and serve as the underpinnings for all of my workshops and educational-based photo adventures. My priority as a professional instructor is to advance your skills and vision regardless of your current level and to do it in an engaging, supportive and energetic atmosphere. My approach stresses the development of your visualization, composition and image building skills while at the same time improving your technical proficiency to get the most creative control from your camera gear.

     Many former participants have talked about the “Wildlight” experience. It is a wonderful mixing of places, people and learning environment that blend together to form a unique brand of photographic inspiration and skill building. Whether you are photographing wildflowers on Mt. Rainier or standing in the middle of the Serengeti capturing the spectacle of a million migrating wildebeests, you will find yourself surrounded by encouraging peers, a supportive instructor and a nurturing, non-competitive environment. You will come away with increased confidence and skills. Many participants have noted how the experience has transformed the way that they look at the world – more photographically with richer detail. No matter where it takes you, the Wildlight experience will expand your perspective, improve your creative skills and inspire your art.

- Artistic growth springs from a solid understanding of photographic principles. -

     My goal is to help you master new photographic and visual techniques and achieve a new way of looking at the world. This foundation will allow you to make photographic decisions based upon your own personal artistic objectives. Whether it is an intensive workshop or photo adventure, all are designed to provide you with extensive field shooting followed by critiques of your work. Even the most experienced photographers find it difficult not to improve when they receive immediate, focused, professional feedback on their images.

     Whether you are working on a composition, metering the light or trying to determine the best depth of field, I am on hand to share my perspective on how you can improve the visual strength of your images. During critiques, you will receive constructive feedback on the exposure, composition, visual balance and overall aesthetic strength of your work. By program’s end you will have gained a clearer perspective and a greater skill level about how you can strengthen your images as you continue to shoot on your own.

     I have personally visited and scouted all of the workshop and trip locations in order to assure that they are rich in photographic opportunities and visual richness. It also assures that you will be at the right place with the right light at the right moment.



What makes a Wildlight Photography workshop or photo adventure so great?

 - Structured Workshop Lectures        - Personalized Field Mentoring        - Emphasis on Visual Artistry

- Small Groups               - Tons of Field Shoots               -Critiques

- Spectacular Locations That Abound In Photographic Opportunities




   What better way to get an education, make new friends and create beautiful images than spending a week (or so) on a Wildlight workshop or trip furthering your love for photography? Throughout the year, workshops and instructional-based trips take place across the country and around the world to provide you – the serious photographer – with expert instruction in a seriously fun atmosphere that allows you to expand your knowledge and charge up your creativity.

     The energy is contagious and the personal, professional attention you receive will inspire you to take your abilities to the next level. A low maximum student/teacher ratio of 6:1 ensures you will receive one-on-one attention and in-depth answers to all of your important questions.

     Whether traveling to a spectacular location, learning new photography fundamentals and skills, growing as an artist or learning to work in today’s digital environment, you are joined by other participants who are as eager to fuel their passion for photography as you are. I invite you to take one of my workshop or trips and spend the time immersed in photography … just because you love it.

    - Mark Lissick, Wildlight Nature Photography


Highlights of Workshop Topics

Inner Vision and Mental Imaging - How to listen to and develop your inner artist.

Merging Vision, Technique and Equipment - How to visualize your subject as the camera sees it.

Lens Selection - How it affects the perspective of an image.

Composition and Design - How to translate your vision to film and bring order out of chaos.

Seeing Through the Camera's Eye - Using the frame to compose elements. Putting it all together to bring simplicity, balance and harmony to your images.

Color - How we respond to different colors and how to creatively use color to enhance your images and communicate with the viewer.

The Dynamics of Natural Light - Light's magical properties; how we as viewers respond to different types of light; using and controlling light to our creative advantage.

Zone System for Color - Using it to achieve perfect natural light exposures without bracketing.

   Metering Systems - interpreting what your camera is trying to tell you; when and how to use the different metering systems in your camera; Controlling exposure to create mood and style; How to judge a subject's tonality in the field.

White Balance Applications for Digital Cameras

Care and Maintenance of Your digital Equipment

Depth of Field - Using it to your creative advantage.

Filtration - What to use, When and when not to use it.

Macro Photography - Techniques using natural light.

Post Camera - Mastering the Digital Darkroom - downloading and organizing you’re your digital images, and basic Photoshop CS2 workflow including color management, working with RAW data, using layers, cropping, and burn and dodge techniques.

Your Camera System - Building the right setup for your application and budget from the tripod up.



    For nature and outdoor photographers, the ideal learning environment is in the field and all Wildlight Nature Photography Workshops and Adventures offer the ultimate in field learning experience. The approach taken during the workshops is methodical and intense. For the entire, event packed week you will eat, breathe and sleep photography. Whether you have been photographing for six months or sixteen years, the workshops and trips welcome a diverse blend of skill levels, ages and culture. Whatever your background, you will have the chance to embrace other participant’s photographic viewpoints as well as your own. 




    Workshops are held in spectacular locations rich in photographic opportunities. Whether in-depth lectures or dinner table discussions topics are covered that are practiced during daily field work. Throw in field mentoring, demonstrations and insightful critiques and they all add up to ensure that you won’t simply return home with great images, but with the tools and desire to create beautiful images wherever your journeys may take you.

    Come join Mark for a photographic experience of a lifetime! Check out the exciting workshops and photo trips held in some of the most spectacular photo locations on the planet and register soon to assure yourself a spot for an adventure of a lifetime.






From the participants...           

     "A couple of years ago I got started in the world of photography. In searching for the specific type of photography that I wanted to pursue, I came across your web site and was awestruck by your work.  Having made the decision to take a workshop I searched a number of photography sites only to find myself repeatedly returning to yours.

     While many of the sites overwhelmingly emphasized attention to all of the new photographic technology and the techniques that can be used to because of it, very little attention was paid to helping me improve the photographer within me. After two years I had had my fill of technical information, and while I am more informed because of it, I do not feel that it has made me a better photographer in the least. While I was skilled in the operation of camera and lens and my images were technically correct, from a purely aesthetic standpoint, however, there was something missing. With the technology in hand and no lack of subject matter, what I lacked was vision in order to take beautiful images.

     I decided to attend one of your workshops because I believed your experience and talented eye could be of great benefit to me as your emphasis is on improving the photographer and the ability to visualize an image and how to integrate the vision to the technology.  Thanks to your teaching and guidance I came away with a better understanding of myself as a photographer and how to visualize and conceptualize images even before I put the camera to my eye. Looking at the images on my return home I cannot believe they were taken by the same person that started the workshop. The images I took not only are visually stronger but also communicate more to me than my earlier work. Thank you for taking me to another level."  Don. T., Alexandria, VA


     "I wanted to thank you for making the North Shore [Lake Superior] workshop such a worthwhile learning experience. You do a great job modeling how a professional photographer shoots in the field, preparing and researching sites, handling the administrative details, and inspiring students to learn. You also did a good job of individualizing the help, encouragement and criticism each student required. It's obvious that you love your job.   ...In short, I'm truly glad I took your course and feel it was wonderfully rewarding for the time, money and energy spent."   Phillip W., Pantego, TX


     "Thank you for a wonderful experience in the Great Smokey Mountains. With such a mixed group, your expert knowledge and leadership provided excellent growth opportunities for both novice and experienced photographers. The field shoots and locations were wonderful! I keep looking at my slides from the workshop and can't believe that I could do this kind of work. Thank you." Kelly D., Seattle, WA






     "This was my second workshop with you and they continue to exceed my expectations. Keep up the good work. Thanks for all your efforts." Bernard L., Atlanta, GA




     "Not only were Mark's photos and lectures interesting, I really learned things I could use with the practical help and support Mark gave at each field shoot." Lynn G., Madison, WI






     "Mark's knowledge, experience and passion for his art and for teaching really helped me improve my photography and see with new eyes." Cheryl D., St. Paul, MN




     "I simply loved the workshop and will definitely recommend the experience to anyone!... Many thanks for your concerned time given to each of us. It was a terrific experience which I will gladly repeat in the future."  -Diane M., La Jolla, CA






     "I really liked the small class size and the individualized attention that each of us received.  -Wayne P., Lake Osswego, OR




     "Mark is an exceptional teacher with concern for each student's abilities and needs and has the ability to teach to the varied levels of experience of the participants."  -Charles W., Dallas, TX






     "Thank you for the wonderful and enlightening workshop. You helped me get rid of my frustration and to enjoy outdoor photography once again. I look forward to years of continued enjoyment."   Eric L., Milwaukee, WI




     "Great locations and stunning scenery. Your format of staying in one location for an extended period really gave me the time to practice what you were teaching us...The field work and the follow-up critiques are an unbeatable learning combination. Thanks for the great experience."   - Kathi J., Rochester, NY






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